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Toroidal Transformers

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Toroidal Transformers Toroidal power transformers use a circular tape wound core (doughnut shaped) of grain-oriented silicon steel or nickel. Toroidal cores have no air gap, which allows the transformer to have extremely low radiated stray magnetic field. Though more expensive than conventional laminated EI transformers, toroids can be made smaller and lighter with higher efficiency.

Typical Applications
With the magnetic field well contained within the core, toroids are ideal for use in applications such as CRT displays, medical equipment and high-end amplifiers.

Low-profile toroidal transformers are used in slimline cabinets in audio/video equipment, as well as in rack systems for the telecommunications and computer industries.

Toroids are also used in power supplies, as isolation and autoformers, and as inductors.

Electrical Characteristics
Toroidal transformers are exceptionally efficient and radiate very little stray magnetic field.

Custom Magnetics typically produces toroidal transformers from 1 W up to 1,500 W at frequencies of 25 Hz to 400 Hz.

Physical Characteristics
The thickness of the tape used to make toroids varies from 2 mil to 12 mil, and the width varies from 1/8" to 2". Thus, toroids offer a great flexibility in the height and diameter of the finished product. Custom Magnetics is capable of producing toroids up to 8" in diameter and 4" in height.

Mounting is made easy by using a single center bolt with a metal disk and rubber gasket. Center-potted with thru-hole construction and fully encapsulated units are also available.

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