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Chokes (also referred to as inductors or filters) (RF, Common Mode, Bobbin wound, Balun, Toroidal, Variable, Air Core and Potted designs)

Chokes can be header mounted, bonded, coated or labeled as per customer’s requirements. We have supplied chokes to diverse industries in the government and medical fields, from military radios to power supplies.

RF: Typically used in high frequency applications or line transmissions and does not usually incorporate a core material. (e.g. radios)

Common Mode: Used to isolate unwanted frequencies on a circuit that interfere with normal operation of electronic devices (e.g. heart monitors)

Bobbin Wound: Acomponent, whose wire is wound around a non-inductive, preformed body

Balun: A design of a core with two openings in which the same wire passes

Toroidal: Typically a donut shape core wrapped with wire

Variable: Typically a design that allows for adjustment of core to coil positions to acquire desired throughput

Header Mounted: A non-inductive frame that supports a component

Air Core: A wire formed coil that doesn’t use a core material to achieve its rating

Potted: An inductor that is encapsulated in a core material

Bonded: A type of air coil that keeps its form without use of a bobbin or header (typically found in antennas and remote control applications)

High frequency: Found in cell phone technology

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