Mohawk - Electro Techniques. Inc

Welcome to Mohawk Electro Techniques, Inc.

How can we meet your needs?

We supply electromagnetic coils, inductors, transformers, sensors and toroids, off-the-shelf or custom built, at competitive prices and delivered to you on time. When you call or email, we’re ready with paper in hand, and computer ready. We pride ourselves on meeting your needs, and we don’t waste time—yours or ours.

Our clients come back, year after year, because we come through. With speed, and solid, reliable products. Built well and to your specs, and made to last. Our goal is always zero defects and just-in-time delivery. That’s why we’ve continued to be successful.

We’re ISO 9001:2008 Certified, so continuous quality improvement is in our culture, which means our products are more reliable, and so are yours. Our good name ensures your good name, and we all win. Learn about our facilities, our methods, our commitment to quality, and our commitment to you. Let’s talk about how we can build your business.

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